BRONX, NY (November 29, 2021) — Consumers’ increasing use of Google’s search engine to locate medical care should guide healthcare real estate developers’ site planning, said Joseph Simone of Simone Development Companies.

“The phrase ‘urgent care near me’ is one of the top terms, with almost 2 million searches each month,” said Joseph Simone, president of Simone Development Companies. “Other top searches are ‘hospital near me’ and ‘walk-in clinic near me.’ These terms underscore the importance of web analytics when real estate developers consider their site selection and what kind of tenant mix developers must acquire.”

Informed use of search engine analytics can help developers determine which communities most often search for urgent care or specialties, thereby improving the chances of immediate success for a new care facility.

“Anyone on Google who is searching for a service wants that service nearby, which is why we have seen the proliferation of urgent care in non-traditional medical locations like shopping centers,” said Joe Simone. “Now we see outpatient surgical centers and other medical services migrate to malls as proximity to consumers becomes increasingly critical.”

Simone Development Companies has been a pioneer in using analytics and market data to bring healthcare where consumers want it—in their neighborhoods.

Simone’s Boyce Thompson Center in Yonkers, N.Y. includes outpatient care, physician offices, a pharmacy, a med spa, retail and restaurants. Similarly, the Purchase Professional Park in Purchase, N.Y. combines first-class office and medical space, exceptional amenities and one of the most convenient office locations in the region.

“Developers must understand that the words ‘near me’ are the gold standard. We must respond to that search term by locating our projects as close to consumers and neighborhoods as possible,” said Joe Simone.