Upgrading healthcare facilities has many benefits for patients and staff alike, but the process to the end result always involves some kind of construction. A large amount of healthcare facilities in the midst of upgrades stay open, as construction is usually confined to one area of the building. However, accommodations for patients must be made during any kind of construction in order to ensure their safety and health are prioritized. Mixed-use development company, Simone Health, discusses how to keep patients safe during healthcare construction.

  • Determine the impact and risks associated with the construction: It’s important to analyze the scope of your construction project so your development company can make the right adjustments to the space for patients and staff to feel comfortable, even while construction occurs. Assess the impact of the obstruction on your healthcare space and plan effective ways to have patients bypass the construction area as much as possible. Determine the risks that could be brought in by the type of construction going on, whether it’s physical improvements, technological upgrades, or aesthetic adjustments. Barriers must be made to avoid construction dust and noise from spilling out too much into a patient heavy area.
  • Create a way to keep the air clean to prevent patient infection: Take precautions to make sure the air in your patient areas is completely filtered of any construction dust or debris because their health is your number one priority, even while construction is going on. Improved air filters, sturdy barriers separating patients and visitors from construction areas, and protocol inside the facility regarding construction waste disposal and noise pollution are all factors to consider in the health and safety of your patients and staff.
  • Have a communication plan: If you are planning a construction project in the future, it is essential to alert all patients and visitors about the planned improvements and the construction areas. Assure patients and visitors that your healthcare facility will be open during this time, but their health and safety remain your number one priority. Plan out how you will communicate changes to your patients and staff members, whether it’s through email, posted notices far in advance, or digital signage.
  • Use easily decontaminated surfaces: Maintaining a clean, healthy environment for everyone in the facility is a very important piece that goes into keeping patients safe. Ensuring to utilize easily decontaminated surfaces inside of your healthcare space will make the lives easier for those cleaning up after the construction, as inevitably, some fine dust or debris may make its way out. Ensure every surface is swiftly and thoroughly decontaminated every few hours to maintain the cleanliness of the facility for patients.

“Upgrading your healthcare facility is an exciting time and looking forward to the end result will make all of the hassle in between worthwhile for both patients and staff. So long as your facility takes the proper precautions during construction, protecting the well-being of your patients first and foremost, patients will be understanding as the construction passes by,” said Joe Simone, President of Simone Development Companies.