For the healthcare industry, staying up to date with the latest generation of network technology is essential for providing top patient care. A 5G network brings flexibility, accessibility and most importantly, has the ability to revolutionize healthcare. New York based mixed-use development company, Simone Health, explains three reasons why 5G matters for the healthcare industry.

5G Is Scalable.

The fifth generation of wireless technology, 5G, presents the capacity to handle high volumes of healthcare information. The scalability of 5G is able to support an increased size that surpasses the capabilities of the previously used 4G network. The 5G network operates at frequencies approximately one thousand times faster than 4G allowing for mixed-use medical facilities to effectively handle process more or less information when necessary. With this advancement, healthcare is going to be taken to new heights.

5G Increases Patient Accessibility.

Patient accessibility has become fundamental to proper healthcare. 5G offers the latest generation of network technology engineered to have the highest speed of data available, while simultaneously connecting patients directly to their own healthcare. Telemedicine and online tools will now grant patients the ability to take control of their healthcare files and information with internet speeds guaranteeing connection anytime and anywhere.

5G Allows Doctors to Treat Patients in Remote Locations.

5G has the ability to revolutionize healthcare by taking it farther than just the hospital walls. Introducing an entirely new approach to home healthcare, 5G has the capability to record activity and vital levels of patients outside of any healthcare facility. For those in rural areas, 5G technology also has the potential to eliminate the need for time-consuming travel. With the advancement of remote home and health monitoring systems, healthcare professionals can now provide excellent patient care with the same technology and tools in remote locations.

“In the healthcare industry, remaining up to date with the latest technology is integral for delivering quality healthcare. Implementing 5G technology has the potential to improve the way we deliver healthcare and transform patient lives,” said Joe Simone, President of Simone Development Companies.