Shanthi Chandrasekar Explores the Meditative and Mathematical Beauty of Traditional Kolam Art, Creating Patterns that Intertwine Cosmology, Neuroscience, and Anatomy

BRONX, NY (June 5, 2024) – Simone Development Companies announced the opening of Shanthi Chandrasekar’s KOLAMS: Memories and Patterns exhibit at The Gallery of ARTFul Medicine, located in the lobby of Simone Development’s Hutchinson Metro Center’s Tower One at 1250 Waters Place in the Bronx. Ms. Chandrasekar’s unique and very personal exhibition is now open to the public and will run through September 6th from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

KOLAMS: Memories and Patterns exhibit, Photo Credit: Lori Adams

Shanthi Chandrasekar’s KOLAMS: Memories and Patterns exhibit at The Gallery of ARTFul Medicine (Photo Credit: Lori Adams)

Ms. Chandrasekar is a multidisciplinary artist who experiments with drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking and papermaking. She has also been trained in the traditional art forms of Kolam and Tanjore-style painting. While many of her works are influenced by her Indian heritage, Ms. Chandrasekar’s true inspiration comes from the mystery and majesty of the world around her; her muse lives at the intersection of the scientific and the spiritual.

“My artistic journey is a search toward understanding life and its place in the cosmos- questioning everything around me, exploring new ideas and experimenting with mediums, to create work that combines ancient traditions and current science,” said Shanthi Chandrasekar. “Making art is a thought provoking, contemplative and meditative process for me.”

Kolam is a traditional Indian drawing done by women in front of their homes at dawn and dusk as a daily ritual. For Shanthi Chandrasekar, Kolam took on new significance upon her move to the US, serving as a means to cope and navigate her new surroundings while reconnecting with her heritage. Inspired by the teachings of her mother and grandmother, Ms. Chandrasekar views the dots in Kolam as life’s challenges and the patterns as paths to navigate them. The repetitive drawing process is both meditative and intellectually stimulating, revealing mathematical aspects like geometries and fractals. KOLAMS: Memories and Patterns intertwines themes from cosmology, neuroscience, and anatomy, making it a profound and multifaceted medium of expression.

“We are thrilled to present Shanthi Chandrasekar’s exhibit at the Gallery of ARTFul Medicine,” said Jodi Moise, director of the Fine Art Program and Collection at Montefiore Einstein. “The exhibit both showcases the intricate beauty and cultural significance of traditional Kolam art and highlights Shanthi’s unique ability to blend this remarkable ancient practice with modern scientific concepts and her own personal journey. Visitors will be captivated by the work’s depth and complexity; it’s an honor to host such a thought-provoking exhibit.”

The Gallery of ARTFul Medicine encourages artists to interpret scientific/medical research and create works of art depicting issues of cultural, political, and technological significance. The Gallery is a key component to Montefiore’s Fine Art Program and Collection, an innovative visual arts program that fosters a life-affirming, restorative and supportive environment for patients, families, caregivers, students, faculty, and staff. Montefiore’s Fine Art Program and Collection at Montefiore Einstein is now one of two healthcare entities with art programs featured on the Bloomberg Connects app.

“Shanthi’s KOLAMS: Memories and Patterns perfectly embodies our vision for the gallery by merging cultural heritage with contemporary scientific exploration,” said Joe Simone, president of Simone Development Companies. “Her work is a testament to the power of art to inspire and heal, making it a wonderful addition to our space.”